Services on Offer

Laminate Flooring

We supply and fit laminate flooring from premium ranges like Quickstep, down to budget ranges appropriate for rental and refurbished properties.  Laminate flooring is a very good alternative to wood, with a high resistance to scratching and the maintenance and upkeep are minimal.   It can particularly appeal where wood may be considered too expensive.   We have an extensive range of samples to accomodate all tastes.  Laminates samples come in a plank or a tile ranging from wood effect to contemporary ceramic tile effects. 


Carpet and Fitting Services

We are able to offer you unrivalled service, value for money and expertise when it comes to the supply and fitting of carpet.  We cater to the commercial or residential market with experience in schools restaurants and hotels, nursing homes, medical and dental surgeries. The chief of operations is Martin Tompsett, having worked in the trade as an apprentice at the age of 16, he has 30 years of knowledge & skills to offer with a particular eye to detail.  The importance of a customer being completely satisfied with the end result is Martin's main objective.  He will help you in the selection process, offering invaluable advice on various carpet compositions and their benefits/drawbacks and providing you with underlay advice to go with.  Perhaps you are uncertain about whether you may like carpet on the stairs or a runner with rods and finials, he can assist you in making this decision and provide you with the samples to help you make your choice.  Our belief is to maintain a relationship with our customers and be able to provide the right solution for their needs.  If you have an investment property or a luxury family home, we endeavour to work to your budget and needs whatever your situation. 


Wood Floooring

Wood is a lovely choice for most homes, especially older and period style homes.  There are varying colours and plank widths to select from and finishes available. When choosing wood, it is important to be aware of it's characteristics and decide if it is the right floor for you.  There are so many new products available now, whilst wood is a great choice, have a look at all your options first.  There are softer and more dense woods so be mindful of those that may scuff more easily and those that require finishing every few years to maintain their appearance. 



Vinyl Flooring (Cushion Flooring)

This is a particularly popular choice for kitchens, bathrooms & utility areas.  Depending on the style and colour of your saintaryware, taps and tiles, you will find a vinyl to suit from the large range of contemporary, traditional and practical designs.  Some vinyls are now very hard wearing and are able to cope with heeled shoes and the odd bit of furniture scraping across.  Vinyl can easily be wiped clean and unlike tiles, you don't have to get down on your knees to scrub the grout! A very good choice for ease and low maintenance, it also appeals to most budgets, a good choice for the rental market.  Vinyl is an excellent choice where you may like warmth and softness under foot, a great alternative to tiles.  In kitchens it's great because if you drop an item of crockery, it won't necessarily break, sometimes it will bounce. Preserve the Wedgewood where you can!